Golden Beards was born in the wonderful neighbourhood of Nørrebro, in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Oriol a beardGolden Beardsed man, created this golden company, so everyone can enjoy the wonderful handmade products from Denmark.Before Golden Beards there didn’t exist any Danish company creating beard products and Denmark is a country with a lot of beards to look after, so Oriol thought why shouldn’t we give the Danes and the rest of the world the opportunity to see what this wonderful country can produce for the beards. So, that was how Golden Beards was born, special made with love for you and your beard.

Our products are registered in CPNP – Cosmetic Products Notification Portal and that allows us to sell legally in the EU.

We hope that you will become part of our family Golden Beards and enjoy our products as much as we do. You wont regret it!